Time to get

a little smutty

The things I can do with a donut will both amaze and terrify you. You might get a little turned on.

you people asking me questions makes me feel accomplished in life. 

Anonymous asked: biggest turn on? biggest turn off??

Biggest turn on ? 

Probably butts and thighs, especially when their skin looks really soft and you want to feel them and smooch them. A nice set of gams can get you places.

Also Tattoos

and cosplay


Biggest turn off ? 

I’m not really sure. Maybe like a lot of piercings ? I mean ears and face are fine in my book, I’m not really much of a fan of gauges but yeah. Pierced nipples are okay too. But when other places start to get pierced it starts becoming too much for me. Not that any of that is a deal breaker for me. I don’t really have TOO much of a problem with it. 

Anonymous asked: when you reblog a bunch of stuff all at once does that mean you're currently masturbating or you're saving it to masturbate to later ?